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Friday, 11 April 2014

#VABlog Oro Nation in House of Reps By 2015,Engr. Kininyi Edubio Set to represent his people

Kininyi Edubio Set to Represent Oro Nation in House of Reps By 2015

Kininyi Edubio Set to Represent Oro Nation in House of Reps By 2015

By 2015, our current democratic culture will enter its 16th year and our political awareness is on the increase. The good people of Oro nation faces a set of related but peculiar challenges that needs ingenuity to address and the very critical ones must be addressed hence the need for a  FRESH MANDATE for Oron Federal House of Representatives come 2015.

My name is Engr Kininyi Edubio (Boyce). I am from Udung Uko L.G.A., I am 42 years old and a seasoned Maritime Engineer Consultant. I hold a Class 1 Chief Engineer’s Certificate of Competency from the prestigious Singapore Maritime Authority.
I am married to one wife- Henrietta- with three beautiful angels (ages 12-8-6) to show for it.
Oro nation
I am a simple, transparent, honest and charismatic man of God that is offering himself to represent the very good people of Oro Nation. My exposure and experience of having travelled round many countries of the world, I believe will give me so much advantage to be able to effectively represent us.
Kininyi Edubio with Family
Kininyi Edubio with Family
I am very confident that if given the opportunity, I will be able to add value to the law-making process of the Federal Republic of Nigeria especially as it affects Oro as a nation.
Our leaders can change, and they have a responsibility to change for its own people, in order to foster good government and deliver democracy divided to our people and for this to happen, we need credible and capable hands to be able to pull this through.
Kininyi Edubio
Donating Gift Items to Widows in Oron/Udung Uko LGAs
I represent a new generation of Oronians who want Oro to be a force for good, to lead by example and to deliver. I also believe that taking the right action in Oro can help us deal with the major challenges Oro nation faces. We need a man that will robustly promote our collective interest in government and turn around our fortune.
My thoughts and plans aside from my core legislative functions is to get involved in how Government from the Federal, State and 5 local government areas of Oro nation develop roads and rural infrastructures, promote primary health care for our people, empowering the youth and women and most especially, initiative and sustain an education plan for the young and aspiring indigenes of Oro.
Kininyi Edubio
Commission of Church Building by Rev. Ajah
I want to also draw our attention to the fact that nobody from Udung Uko LGA has ever represented Oro in the Federal House of Representatives.
Just like I have always said concerning this subject matter, I believe it will be a fair competition if the contestants for the Federal House of Representative are from Oron LGA, Udung Uko LGA and Mbo LGA from the analysis above, UrueOffong/Oruko and Okobo LGA have had fair shots at it. Let the best candidate from the above 3 mentioned LGAs fill the post.
Also, we should be vigilant because a lot of characters will present themselves for scrutiny. A mistake made now will be a mistake for the next 4 years or 8 years perhaps.
For every candidate that presents his/herself for nomination, we must ask questions, questions such as; how have each candidate impacted on the lives of fellow Oronians?
Personally, I’ve execute some live-touching projects in the past 3 years. I started with the putting up of an ultra-modern church project in memory of my late father Elder Pastor Edet Okon Edubio. Then, I went on to sponsor a free medical Service, where people from all works of life with different medical issues were treated free-of-charge. I also donated blood pressure monitoring devices to some dignitaries in the community. Then I identified the need for portable water in the community and a borehole was dug and commissioned by the then Chairman Caretaker Committee of Udung Uko Chief Robin Ebek.
Kininyi Edubio
In the few years that I have worked as Marine Engineer Consultant for ExxonMobil, I have been very instrumental in the employment of two great sons of Oro as Marine Engineer Surveyors at Management level – Engr. Ini Asuquo Inyang (Mbo LGA) and Engr. Eteyen Edet Oboho (UrueOffong/Oruko LGA). I have also influenced the placement of onboard ships for Sea Training many cadets (of Oro decent) within this period under review.
I have also visited some widows in Udung Uko and Oron LGA where gift items were donated for the upkeep.
I need to be encouraged to do more for our people.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#VAblog EFCC Interrogates Stella Oduah Over N255m Armoured Cars For Five Hours

Embattled Aviation Minister Stella Oduah Before The Houseof Representatives

The former Minister of Aviation arrived at the EFCC office in Abuja around 10.30 am and was not allowed to go until 3 pm.
According to Vanguard, Oduah was questioned extensively on what she knew about the purchase of the vehicles.
She was said to have cooperated with the EFCC interrogators and made some statements that might help in prosecuting her, a competent source in the commission told Vanguard.
Ex-minister was granted what a source described as "provisional bail", but was asked to return to the operatives on a future date.
The EFCC had reportedly gathered a large amount of documents relating to the car purchase and used it confront Oduah, making it difficult for her to advance any reasonable defence.
"It is true that our operatives took on the former Aviation Minister for five hours and she made some useful statements following which she was granted a provisional bail. "She is being expected to face more interrogation soon," the source said.

#VABlog Breaking News: Gunman Kills One, Injures Others At American Military Base

photo * Fort Hood, American military base reported to be under attack by an unknown gunman
According to multiple reports, the yet to be identified gunman was still at large as at the time of filing this report.
A TV station said a witness reported that there were at least 20 shots fired while there were reports of victims at the base’s Medical Brigade Building and the Battle Simulation Center.
Another report stated that as many as eight people may have been injured.
Fort Hood only confirmed there has been “an incident” on the post and police are on the scene,
“All personnel on post are asked to shelter in place,” the official Twitter account of Fort Hood said.
Army personnel was being told to stay away from doors and windows as authorities searched for a gunman with a .45-caliber pistol who was seen driving a gray Toyota.
A message that scrolled across the top of the post’s website said, “Shelter in place immediately. This is not a test.”
The shooting took place shortly after 5 pm EST. Sirens could be heard across the base an hour after the shootings.
The shootings took place in several buildings.
The Metroplex Hospital in Killeen has been placed on standby, officials said.
Central Texas College in Killeen is evacuating its campus and all evening and night classes have been canceled for the rest of the day, according to KVUE.
A soldier told newsmen that the gunman and officials appeared to be in a standoff.
It was also gathered that soldiers without IDs and permits were being turned away from base entrances.
However, reports say President Obama has been informed of the incident.
At 340 square miles, Fort Hood is one of the largest military bases in the world.
It could be recalled that on Nov. 5, 2009, Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Center, killing 12 soldiers and one civilian and wounding 29 others before two Fort Hood civilian police officers shot him.
He is now on the military’s death row.

#VABlog I Correct God's Mistake - Sex Change Surgeon

South Korean surgeon, who helps people feeling trapped in the "wrong" body to change gender, says he corrects God's mistakes by performing such operations.
Photo: Seok Kim-Kwun most famous South Korean gender change doctor
The 61-year-old doctor Kim Seok-Kwun was a pioneer in this sphere in South Korea in 1980s and at first was highly criticized by his colleagues and pastor. Fellow doctors used to say jokingly that he was going to hell if he didn't stop.
However now the gender change surgeon feels proud that he has improved lives of many people. In a recent interview doctor Kim said:
"I've decided to defy God's will. At first, I agonized over whether I should do these operations because I wondered if I was defying God. I was overcome with a sense of shame. But my patients desperately wanted these surgeries. Without them, they'd kill themselves. Some people are born without genitals or with cleft lips or with no ears or with their fingers stuck together. Why does God create people like this? Aren't these God's mistakes? And isn't a mismatched sexual identity a mistake, too?"
Photo: Harisu - Doctor Kim's most popular gender change patient
Harisu (pictured above) is the most popular patient operated on by the doctor. Harisu underwent her male-to-female surgery in 1995, after which she experienced terrible pain in her genitals. However, soon she said she felt reborn and her life completely changed. In 2007 Harisu married a male singer.
By now doctor Kim, who is called "the father of South Korean transgender people" has carried out about 320 sex change surgeries.