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Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy Birthday to the C.E.O of Club365,Mr Fred Obele

The Whole Eleme and its environ was shut down on  the 12th of July,2014 when the boss himself,Mr Fred Obele celebrated his birthday in grand style.The celebration took place at Club365 also known as Cool Side. People from all walks of life attended the wonderful and fun-filled occasion.In attendance were Captains of industries,Real Estate Magnates and Military personnel together with friends and well wishers.The Pictures will say it all 

Abbey love with Mr Fred
Abbey lover,friends dancing with Mr Fred
Mr Fred and His Wife



Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ex-Cadet,EFFIONG OTU commits suicide because His Girlfriend Dumped him

The boy identified as Effiong Otu, yesterday 10th July, hung himself in his home over breakup with his girlfriend.
According to reports from, the girl walked out of the relationship recently and he tried everything to get her back to no avail. So he decided end his life by hanging himself in his home located at the Diamond road in Calabar, Cross river state.
Before putting the rope to his neck, he took
photos with it and sent to the unknown girl
telling her what he's about to do, but she didn't
care anymore. As at the time of compiling this
report she wasn't taking her calls.
He was the only son of the family and had just
finished his OND in the Nigerian maritime
academy, Oron.
This funny though,some Cadets are busy growing their career but Out has decided to commit suicide because his girlfriend dumped her.
More details soon.
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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Chinese Billionaire gave away all his wealth to charity

From a penniless rickshaw driver to a real estate magnate in Hong Kong, this 88-year old has lived a full and rich life. He's built the kind of fortune most people can only daydream about. For better or worse, most billionaires set their family members up to live the easy life for
generations to come. But not Yu Pengnian.
Recently, Pengnian held a press conference to
make a startling announcement. Yu Pengnian
revealed to the world that he was giving away
his entire $1.2 billion fortune. And not to his
Instead, he announced his intentions to give
away the rest of his vast fortune to a foundation he established five years ago to provide aid to his favorite causes: Student scholarships,reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and paying for operations for those like him who suffer from cataracts. His children will be receiving precisely NOTHING.
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'I'm a big fan of Wizkid,We might work or not work together' - Davido

Davido reveals he is a fan of Wizkid and they might not work together.Okay here's what Davido in a recent interview at his house by AvantTV revealed,"I'm a big fan of Wizkid. We might work together, we. might not. If we do, it's going to be crazy no doubt."
Davido who also revealed that 'HKN' means
'Honorable Kings of New-school' also laid to rest several rumors as well as cleared the air on the botched deal with 'Orezi'.
When asked why HKN didn't sign Orezi as earlier speculated, he said,"I was just hanging with Dude one day and I decided to tell him, Dude, lets just be friends. And that was it."
Davido also said he spends his money and his father's money because he is still his father's son. Okay bye.
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